July 3, 2012
Kids Market, Baby Ruby and Cupcake Truck

Kids Market on July 14 I’m not one to complain about how we are screwing up this world and how sooner or later we’re all going to hell in a handbasket. I think it is interesting “that going to hell in a handbasket” may have come from the French Revolution when guillotined heads were caught []

June 26, 2012
Vendors, Party Update and The Monkey

Good Vendor, Bad Vendor Ok, we’ve shaken off the cobwebs and are starting to get into the swing of things here. The vendors have settled into their places on the field and you guys have pretty much figured out the parking situation. At this point, my job is pretty well done. Carol says I might []

June 19, 2012
Forks over Knives, Hare Krishna and Pizza

Going Meatless (Mostly) Over the winter the family decided to cut a lot of meat out of our diet. Carol sat us down and made us watch the documentary “Forks over Knives.” Since Carol knows the Dahlkes are all easily influenced, we immediately embarked on a new eating lifestyle. To be fair about this, it’s []

June 12, 2012
CT Farmland Trust, Old Geezers and Rubber Duckies

Connecticut Farmland Trust Celebration Once upon a time it was good enough to walk over to your neighbor’s house and say that if they weren’t doing anything on Saturday afternoon to drop by and help eat the wild boar you had just put back into the food chain. At some point we moved on to []

June 6, 2012
Farmers Market Trail, Silver Hammer and Polaroids of Winter

Farmers Market Trail Connecticut has all sorts of trails. There’s a Wine Trail, a Chocolate Trail, and a Women’s Heritage Trail. If you are keeping count, you can now add a Farmers’ Market Trail. Thanks to my friend Winter Caplanson of Coventry Regional Market fame, ten farmers markets in this Land of Steady Habits were []

May 30, 2012
Guilt, Rules and Hot Sauce

Opening Day on June 2nd Here we are. The farmers market is opening Saturday morning and we still have a thousand things to do. Actually, that’s what I say every year and I know it’s not true. I just like saying it. It’s supposed to make you feel that we’re really putting out this tremendous []

May 16, 2012
Opening Day on June 2nd

Opening Day on June 2nd I’m sitting here looking at my calendar and suddenly realize that opening day of the farmers market is creeping up on us like a pack of zombies on a keg party. Whoopee! Whoopee! Whoopee! Okay, I needed to get that excessive exuberance (thanks Alan Greenspan) out of my system. I []