Press - love for Ashlawn Farm

We are incredibly grateful for all of the press Ashlawn Farm has received over the past years. The media has been unbelievably kind to us. Bringing our community together and giving them a place to connect has always been an important goal of ours. We are very proud to be able help our intimate town of Lyme, Connecticut shine.



Situated in Lyme, CT, Ashlawn Farm has been in the same family since 1909. In recent years, crops have changed from local to global, and the old milk room has been reborn as a top flight coffee roaster. “There’s some thing exotic about buying coffees from plan­tations around the world; there’s something comforting in buying coffee from the farm down the road. For eighty-​five years, Ashlawn Farm provided dairy products to many households in Connecticut. Now, although you’ll have to get your milk somewhere else, you can use it in our Farm Coffee.

The Market at Ashlawn Farm in Lyme has taken on a life of it's own. Sure, it's a place to buy fresh food. Breads, vegetables, meat and cheese are displayed every week, along with a variety of unique items brought along by local artisans. But, it's also become a spot that is somewhat rare in this day and age where people can connect and feel like a "community."

The New York Times

  Ashlawn Farms roasts their own coffee beans on the premises. Their Saturday morning markets in the warmer months continue to be a boon for those looking to take advantage of the local bounty.

Annie Mame

Carol Adams Dahlke, is cute as a button, no other way to describe her and she is a dynamo too. This mother of three who lives on Ashlawn Farm with her husband Chip, decided to one day start roasting coffee beans, that was about 9 years ago and the operation is at full tilt.

Urban Eden

Ashlawn Farm has been in the same family for 100 years. But the current owners, Chip and Carol, didn't plan on or know anything about farming. Chip was a financial planner and Carol was a teacher. But when Chip's elderly uncle Sam was about to lose the farm, they stepped in and bought it. Now they're raising their family here. And the market--along with their coffee-roasting business and the leasing of pasture--helps generate the income they need to keep the farm alive.

New Haven Register

Nyberg and her friends Heather Colby, Carol Dahlke and Anna Rubino pulled together “A Connecticut Christmas” event, a fundraiser Saturday that sounds magical for those who attend and a lifeline for those it will benefit: Connecticut Food Bank and Tiffany Farms in Lyme, an 11th-generation dairy operation that suffered a fire in September. Nyberg, an anchorwoman; Colby, who owns a marketing company; Rubino, a graphic designer; and Dahlke, a farm and coffee shop owner, now refer to themselves collectively as “a brewed cup of hustle.” All four are the granddaughters of dairy farmers.

The Day

Two hundred and eleven people crowded the gymnasium of Lyme Consolidated School on Monday evening to speak on the subject of Ashlawn Farm's farmers market and coffee shop, by the fire marshal's count. And despite an attorney's claim that Ashlawn Farm owners Glenn "Chip" and Carol Dahlke were not complying with town regulations, the majority in the audience said they continued to support both the seasonal farmers market and coffee shop that the Dahlkes operate on their property at 78 Bill Hill Road.

The Bee Blog by The Bee and Thistle Inn

This past Saturday a few of us from the Bee & Thistle Inn and Spa took a trip to visit our good friends, Ashlawn Farm.  The delicious coffee you taste at breakfast in the morning when you stay at the Inn or at dinner at night at The Chestnut Grille comes from this inspiring farm that has more than just great coffee.  Whether you head to Lyme to see the animals and incredible gardens at Ashlawn Farm or go to visit the Lyme Farmer’s Market on Friday and Saturday you will have a good time no matter what.

The Resident

Once a turn-of-the-century dairy farm, Ashlawn Farms transformed into a thriving staple of the community. Nestled amongst the rolling hills, hickory trees and old stone walls of Lyme lies one of the the area’s least known treasures. What became a fixture of the town’s social network also rooted itself in the chatter of far, far away.

Madison Patch

While procrastinating the other day, I decided to make an afternoon pot of coffee instead of, you know, working. To drag things out even more, I decided to read all about coffee on the side of the bag of the Ashlawn Farm coffee beans I had bought the day before.

Hartford Courant

When Carol Dahlke of Lyme gave birth to her youngest child, her other kids were 9 and 10 years old. Some of us might think she's insanely brave (or bravely insane), but this doting mom can't imagine her family any other way. "It's fantastic," she says. "I have two more sets of arms to help out. We're like a team with James."


It’s June and the mountain laurel is starting to bloom all around the town. It also means that it’s time to go to the Lyme Farmers’ Market. On Friday the market at Ashlawn Farm opens for the season under hopefully sunny skies and, for many, that’s a signal that summer is about to begin.