There's something exotic about buying coffees from plantations around the world; there's something comforting in buying coffee from the farm down the road. For eighty-five years, Ashlawn Farm provided dairy products to many households in Connecticut.Now, although you'll have to get your milk somewhere else, you can use it in our Farm Coffee. And rest assured that you are still drinking exotic coffee because we buy only the best Arabica green beans from coffee farms on every coffee growing continent. All the roasting is done right here - in the old workshop next to the dairy barn, using state-of-the-art equipment.


We roast the highest grade fair trade coffee available


Roasted right here in the old workshop next to the dairy barn in Lyme, CT


Ashlawn Farm has been in the family since 1909


Our coffee comes from every single coffee growing continent


It’s bold. It’s delicious. It’s the best tasting coffee you will ever have.