Keeping the tradition

A warm, welcoming rustic café with our own freshly roasted specialty coffees, breakfast treats and lunch meals. All easy grab and go (or stay) and made on site!

Our Story

On a fateful spring morning in March of 2002, Carol discovered a dream of roasting coffee in her reflection from a stale metallic single-serve pack of coffee swiped
from a hotel room two summers before.

The Farm

We didn’t know that coffee was going to help save our Connecticut family farm. What began as a tiny business venture in a small rickety outbuilding blossomed into a livelihood we could have never imagined. As soon as our barn doors opened to the public, the passion of local coffee lovers, combined with our dedication to the craft we were learning and embracing, brought a life to this enterprise that we couldn’t have predicted. You all came out of the figurative woodwork and scooped up our coffee as fast as we could roast it.

Where we are today

Eventually our customers guided us to where we are today, off the farm and in a location more convenient to commercial activity and our customer base. Nestled in the quaint New England town of Old Saybrook, CT, we are still surrounded by the generous spirit of our origins at the farm where we started out. We look forward to having you over to our café, where you’ll find us roasting and brewing- always with the same sense of diligence and commitment that we had when we began in the old milk room back in 2002.

You are welcome here

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