Black Angus

The most WELL-DONE roast on the farm, this Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee reminds us of rich, dark chocolate with hints of fresh rosemary. A favorite for lovers of dark roasts!

Farm Blend

Our signature coffee is a full-bodied blend of light and dark-roasted coffees from the Americas and Asia. It is a great hearty breakfast blend.

Prancing Goat Blend

A blend of the world’s oldest coffees collaborating to create a unique mocha, fruity blend with brown-sugared smokiness.

1730 Blend

Here is a classic New England Mocha Java blend, comprised of the early morning coffees that our farming ancestors would have been drinking here 300 years ago–we didn’t invent it, we just revived it.

Villa Borghesi, Daterra Estate

A wild tasting Brazilian varietal blend with a taste profile revered in Italy–mild Mocha in the finish.

Captain Bill's Bold Blend

This rich blend of dark-roasted Asian and African coffees delivers the boldest, most aromatic smokiness and bold sweetness–if you like it strong, you’ll want to try this.

French Roast

A single-origin medium-bodied coffee, smoky and smooth with a honey finish.

East Meets West

Presenting a super-smooth Asian co-mingling perfectly with a bright and balanced South American to create the perfect blend for lovers of strong, but not dark coffee.

Espresso, Daterra Reserve

Smooth and nicely nutty with pronounced aroma. Low acidity with raw cacao notes. Creamy caramel-smooth finish.

Christmas Glow

The magic of the season resides in this smoky dark African roast. A blend of dark dry licorice and sweet floral citrus brings to light the joy of the holiday season. Packaged in a bright red festive bag.