Farm Blend

Our signature coffee is a full-bodied blend of light and dark-roasted coffees from the Americas and Asia. It is a great hearty breakfast blend.

Bali Blue Moon Krishna

From the rich Volcanic Balinese soil comes this truly awesome offering. At first sip, Special Dark is what comes to mind. Our roaster detects a spicy vanilla finish. Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Prancing Goat Blend

A blend of the world’s oldest coffees collaborating to create a unique mocha, fruity blend with brown-sugared smokiness.

1730 Blend

Here is a classic New England Mocha Java blend, comprised of the early morning coffees that our farming ancestors would have been drinking here 300 years ago–we didn’t invent it, we just revived it.

Tanzania Peaberry

Grown in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, this coffee is spicy and peppery but sweet and juicy as it cools.

Villa Borghesi, Daterra Estate

A wild tasting Brazilian varietal blend with a taste profile revered in Italy–mild Mocha in the finish.

Espresso, Daterra Reserve

Smooth and nicely nutty with pronounced aroma. Low acidity with raw cacao notes. Creamy caramel-smooth finish.

Ethiopia Sidamo Nura Korate

Wet processed. A juicy cup with notes of tangerine, lemongrass and peach – roasted medium.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Banko Dhadhato

Sweet strawberry jam with notes of orange and peach – roasted medium. Natural process, Sun Dried on Raised Beds.

Sebby Fitzgerald's 50-50 Blend

A 50/50 Blend perfect for low-caffeine espresso as well as other methods of brewing coffee.