Black Angus

The most WELL-DONE roast on the farm, this Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee reminds us of rich, dark chocolate with hints of fresh rosemary. A favorite for lovers of dark roasts!

Sumatra Dark Gayo Mountain

Our least acidic coffee has a heavy-body and deep earthiness with light spice.

Captain Bill's Bold Blend

This rich blend of dark-roasted Asian and African coffees delivers the boldest, most aromatic smokiness and bold sweetness–if you like it strong, you’ll want to try this.

French Roast

A single-origin medium-bodied coffee, smoky and smooth with a honey finish.

Nicaragua El Recreo Dark Roast

From the rolling rugged mountains of the Matagalpa/Estelli region, this light roast is a sweet strong and robust coffee with some smoke, semi-sweet chocolate, spice and syrup. Lovingly grown with care and attention from a committed coffee growing family in Northern Nicaragua, near the boarder of Honduras. Highly recommended by the Ashlawn’s roasters. 2016 SCAA cupping contest winner.

Guatemala Cafe Femenino

This coffee boasts a heavy pleasing aroma, good body, flavorful acidity with fruit, spice and a touch of smokiness.

Sumatra Decaf

This is our least acidic coffee has a heavy-body and deep earthiness with light spice.

Christmas Glow

The magic of the season resides in this smoky dark African roast. A blend of dark dry licorice and sweet floral citrus brings to light the joy of the holiday season. Packaged in a bright red festive bag.

Java Estate

Big-bodied, ripe plum, deep flavor with a subtle earthiness.

Cowgirl Joe

This is a dark-roasted Organic Fair Trade coffee that emanates the strength and robustness of the American Cowgirl.